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All services are provided to the complete solution to the problem

Sites and scripts

Minor changes and improvements, code and style that has long seen your eyes.

Servers and services

Help in choosing, installing and configuring a server-based operating systems, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS).

Safety and Rescue

Audit and control the security of your web resource (hosting or server). Recovery from an attack or hacking.

Long-term cooperation

We always offer our customers to continue to cooperate with us.


We work remotely and are not limited by geography accommodate customers


We work according to international law. We did not perform works, buyout could harm you or anyone else.

Pay only for work

We do not require payment for the beautiful eyes and loud slogans. We work - you pay.


We do not discuss our clients and do not talk about them. All questions and their solutions on will always be our secret.

Payment in any convenient way

We accept any options of electronic transfers to pay for our services (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard).


Prices are formed individually, depending on your desires.

  • Advice

    General questions that do not require real work

    We are always happy to help with advice to our clients. We do not need to pay for it of course if it does not require actual work.

  • Minor works

    Something simple

    Select server, his default setting, code quality analysis and surface security analyst. And everything else that will not take more than 20 minutes.

    from 3
  • Small problem

    Even more difficult

    Write or rewrite the script. Installation of specialized software on the server (build from the source code).

    from 5
  • Work

    Most likely it will need Terms of Reference

    Most programming tasks. A complex server setup. It's time-consuming and possibly work plan (Terms of Reference).

    from 13
  • ON FIRE!

    Anything but very quickly

    Saving data from the server. Emergency migration. And what needs to be done "as soon as possible."

    from 26
  • Price
    does not

Our Team

"There is safety in numbers!" ???

Alex McArrow

Alexander Makarov

All right, Me - is your team. It is not always required to ten people, especially if you have to do a fine job.

I always try to make every effort to solve your problem.